It is in the triangle of the South Sudan, North Congo Démocratique, and  the CAR that resides the biggest representatives of this species.

These zones according to the results come the 90% of the best trophies. The animal is bigger and the pressure of the selection hunt does not existe. The selected zone along the rivers M’Bomou, Chinko, Bira and Vovodo.gave very good results.

The choice of this hunting sector of hunt allows to hope for the improvement of the records and we hope to find the next number 1 here.


In the north of the zone the buffalos are équinoxiales and in the dense forest of the south lives nanus.

The various crossings give the individuals that one can put in one or the other category.


The population of leopard is important. The preys are numerous in this habitat.

A hunt of selection requires little to be prepared and will bring superb specimen .

The welcome in the villages is cordial and makes it easy to take the leopards who became dangerous by their number.

Yellow back duiker.

Very numerous on the sector we hunt them along the borders in the morning or in the evening by meeting or by calling.

The numerous open savannas allow us to see them. Excellent zone for this hunt.

Peter duiker.

Common in the sector, we hunt by calling. Easy.



Sweyns duiker.

This rare duiker exists only in this zone . We hunt them by calling.

Bays duiker.

Less rare than the precedent but not less difficult to find. We hunt them by calling.


Blue duiker.

Very common and very numerous.




Common duiker, red flanks duiker, Oribi.

We meet them in savanna.



They frequent big marshes, are sedentary, and territorial. By this fact they are never very numerous and their hunt is difficult.

Guib harnessed.

Very common lives in border of the forest or in the savannas on the strands of the rivers.

Giant Forest Hog

The biggest African suidé. The big males can reach 300 kilograms. Represented in number in CAR can be numerous in group up to one dozen. One finds several males who seem to cohabit without problem.

We marked the shaggy individuals and others with short hair.Follow the traces is necessary for this rare trophy.



Common on the whole zone in big herds. We meet them in savanna as in the forest.


Common in the savannas of the zone.



Sing sing waterbuck.

Very numerous along the Chinko river, became rare in a lot of sectors.


Western Kob

Exist on the territory but is too small number.




Lelwel hartebeest, Roan and Derby Eland.
Present in the north of the zone these animals are not indeed to hunt under this latitude ( see other zones and other destinations).

Present we meet them more often in the night.

Redundant are the preys of the leopards and the harmful of the plantations.

Common guinea fowls, to crète, and some rare of forest are the main games of the amateurs.

 (Are protected fully and in number the elephants, the hippos and the crocodiles).

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